Women Safety at Risk!!!

INDIA — The land of Goddesses. Indians worship the goddesses with utmost devotion and go back home to their daughter, mother, wife, and friends forgetting that the one they worshiped resides within these women.

Violence towards women has risen several times in India as women at any point of life are more exposed. Earlier, women were confined to the four walls of the houses and after globalization, took the ability and resources to stand equal to men in all industries. Women are now taxi drivers day or night, as well as top company owners.

It is great to see how the mindset of society has changed and how women as politicians, friends, and spouses have been accommodated in all facets of life. However, the way of thought has not shifted to the point it can.

This narrow thought of the few is the reason why women go out and work as a domestication method. The same way of thinking regards men as higher than women.

The man-dominated culture uses guns against women today as women are walking shoulder by shoulder, eve tearing, robbery, house abusive abuse, and matrimonial rape. This is one of the key reasons why violence is rising and the protection of women in India is a problem.

Despite the regulatory reforms and the attempts to ensure a healthy climate, legislation has not been able to protect women’s haven in this region. It has not been criminalized, particularly for the most vulnerable, for harassment and acid attacks and expanded concepts of abuse, justice, and recourse for survivors The reform legislation has not given punishment sooner or easier. In reality, it only added to the reaction of the women who report.

The fact that women feel vulnerable and unprotected not only on empty streets and parking areas but also in their own homes is a tragic reflection of our culture. Youth lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha was assaulted and killed in a position that ought to be safest — her own bedroom by her watchman! The case of Pallavi shaken the girls’ bravest confidence.

Following the horrible news, a friend in trouble asked, “Does that mean that nobody can trust us? “ Yeah, yes, it seems like that, but I hate to say it. Better safe… or worse than sorry. How does one woman guarantee their own protection as jobs and lifestyle determine women have to drive alone, live on their own, and travel alone? I believe that planning for the worst is necessary.

However dire it may sound, only steps against the worst will be used to protect yourself. Many of the girls have not been caught. Please remember the most insecure times in which you can conquer them and defend yourself from them. Confide the feminine impulses in people and circumstances.

Be vigilant and mindful of the initial signs of risk in your climate. Step into a busy area if anyone looks like he’s trailing you. To escort you back, call your mate or relative. Watch for someone who lurks around or a single guy in your car parked next to you when you enter or get out of your car. If you’re suspicious, run back to safety. Don’t look lost, do walk proudly. Criminals have been seen to strike at abandoned, terrifying women. I read a cop’s advice, saying that while the attacker has a pistol, try to get away; he can only get hit by 4 in a hundred chances! Feed the speed dial to the number of the police control room or 100. Often have a speed dial friend or relative. Have a pepper spray available in weak spots. Sprinkle it in an assailant’s sight. Healthy substitutes include a perfume bottle or hairspray.

Shilpi Jain, counsel for the Supreme Court, advises individual women to practice the methods of self-defense and apply for licentiate handguns and to keep up with neighbours and call a police patrol at the very first trouble sign. “The law shows you can attack anyone in self-defense, even if you must not hurt them as much as you need.” Collegiality could be your undoing. Never open a stranger’s door while alone or stop in a deserted place to support someone. Instead, please call the police. If you are a mechanic or plumber, ask a neighbour or acquaintance for work. Door keys in positions that are evident can never be left. Don’t drop them at the front door until inside. That’s Pallavi’s error. Dress properly, if needed. Clothing that might look suitable in a bar would look daunting in a deserted area alone. Know we live in a world of strong distinctions — of havens and the uncultured, the learned and the untrained. Flashing riches or flesh, or perceiving your favor freely, is an equilibrium and a dilemma!

I seek new challenges and try to think out-of-the-box while looking for creative solutions to a given problem.